Wednesday, December 28, 2011

5 Ways to Happier Life - A year passed, the range of achievements you may have already achieved. However, whether the various success was followed by a reassuring feeling of happiness? If happiness be the one thing that you are still trying to make happen, started the new year, prepare yourself with a number of ways to achieve complete happiness.

Michele Woodward, a career planning specialist and author of I Am Not Superwoman: Further Essays on Happier Living, saying, "You can feel happy to have time to make friends, and connect with people around you, which can enrich, give meaning and valuable experience other. "

Here are five ways that suggested Woordward for your happiness began to run in the new year:

1. Give credit for your accomplishments during the year 2011. Sit down, and grab a pen and paper, then make a list of your top 25 achievements that you managed to accomplish during the year 2011. "Maybe this will surprise yourself because, without realizing it, you have successfully achieved many achievements during this year," said Woodward.

This method is important to do as a form of appreciation on yourself and improve self-confidence. With more respect yourself, you helped to have the mindset that you're capable of doing many other great things, next year.

2. Determine a realistic goal. You will feel the happiness when it succeeded in meeting the target of the goals that had been developed previously. The economist Angus Deaton, PhD, and psychologist Daniel Kahneman, PhD, reveals that the happiest people are those who set realistic goals for themselves. The goal is more likely to be achieved.

In line with this, Woodward said that setting realistic goals this does not mean you give up on your big dreams. However, finding out what you want and to be achieved, then the focus to find ways to achieve it.

3. Find fun activities outside of work. "Do variety of activities that are meaningful and useful as well as fun for you," said Woodward. Various activities such as volunteer activities, starting a personal creative project, or develop your social relationships in various communities.

4. Responsible for the condition of your life. Woordward said that while working, goal to achieve financial comfort is still needed. However, responsibility for ourselves not just measured by the amount of money that you can get. Form of responsibility for yourself also means you can change various things that you do not like, in order to live a more enjoyable.

"If you have a terrible life's journey and weight, then consider turning it into a more convenient way to give meaning in your life. One way or another, looking for a new job or moving to a new place better," added Woodward.

5. Surrounded by people you care about. When surrounded by the people closest to you, such as family, friends, spouse or lover usually you will feel the excitement. This is because it turns out, being around the people you care about bringing positive energy for yourself.

Ready to be happier in the new year?

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

6 Food Support Job Interview - Stress, nervousness, stomach pain, psychosomatic complaints like this are often attack at the crucial moment, including during a job interview. Although already practicing to answer questions, but if the nervous attack, everything on the head can be blank instantly.

Instead of answering questions candidly, you just respond to questions with the words of obscure meaning, or even forget to say anything. When this happens, chances are you stricken from potential candidates.

One way to avoid it, you can eat certain foods that make you feel more calm, focused, and able to think fast. Eat these foods at least one half hour before the interview, so most food is digested and have a positive effect on the brain.

1. Whole grains and green vegetables.
B vitamins, like vitamin B6, B12, and folic acid is proven to help memory, focus resources, and health and ability of the brain as a whole. In fact, folic acid can help produce red blood cells and improve the well-being and mental clarity.

Whole grains like brown rice, a major source of vitamin B. Meanwhile, green vegetables such as spinach, kale, and Swiss chard contain high folic acid and vitamin K, which will also help the brain to focus and fight memory impairment.

According to Beth Reardon, nutrition experts of Duke Integrative Medicine, Durham, South Carolina, three bowls of spinach could supply 40 percent of the magnesium. It is a mineral that can reduce the effects of stress in the body by preventing high blood pressure soaring.As a variation makanana, you can also put the spinach into the omlet or a sandwich.

2. Fat-free protein.
It is better to avoid carbs before a job interview because it can cause drowsiness. A study of two groups, ate breakfast of protein and high carbohydrate breakfast, it was found that two hours after eating, the group that ate a high carbohydrate had tryptophan levels four times higher than the group who ate the protein. Tryptophan is a substance known as a trigger sleepiness.

Meanwhile, protein helps the body produces two chemicals made from tyrosine, norepinephrine and dopamine. This substance will increase mental alertness. Fat-free protein you can get from white meat and eggs.

3. Healthy fats.
The brain requires a supply of healthy essential fatty acids or omega-3 fatty acids in order to function optimally. Fat is a major building block of brain tissue. It will even help you stay focused, protecting brain cell membranes, and reduce disease dementia, Alzheimer's, stroke and other brain diseases later in life.

These fatty acids can only be obtained from food. Therefore, the human body can not produce it naturally. You can get it from fish, walnuts, olive oil, avocados, and flaxseed.

Hemp seed is also the best source alfalinoleat acid, a type of healthy fat that increases the performance of the brain cortex, where the brain processes sensory information. As for fish, especially salmon contain omega-3 can enhance the ability of the brain and reduce senility. The study, published by the Diabetes & Metabolism, shows through cognitive tests, participants who ate salmon during three weeks of anti-stress hormone known to spend a higher level.

4. Orange
Eat an orange for stamina awake during the interview. According to a study conducted by researchers from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, healthy people who are stressed can be a pain.

Basically, blood pressure greatly affects the immune system. However, it can be combated with regular consumption of vitamin C that is widely available in orange. Vitamin C will increase the body's immune cells and reduce the risk of viral entry.

5. Chocolates.
During this chocolate is known as a stress reliever food. According to Alan Hirsch, MD, director of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, Chicago, chocolate will increase the level of the neurotransmitter substances into the brain. Increased spending on these substances will trigger hormone maker happy and relaxed, like hormone dopamine.

6. Coffee
As long as your body is no problem with the coffee, you are advised to consume these drinks before facing a job interview. According to the researchers, coffee can increase short-term memory performance and help increase the capacity of attention and problem solving skills.

But, it is better not to overdo when drinking coffee. Too much coffee not only will make you urinate frequently, but also will make you jittery and nervous. As a result, you can look unprepared in front of the interviewer.

Monday, August 22, 2011

When the judge yourself, if you include the type of the sharpest critics and evil? The attitude of self-critic can be beneficial but also detrimental impact. You need to be overcome.

When co-workers congratulated on promotion that you just received, you actually even say that the actual work done is far from enough. Or, the most simple, when you are far more attentive to reflect the lack of visible and ignore the extra. For example, a dull hair, puffy eyes, acne are many.

If your mind is often boarded by a negative view of yourself, then no wonder if the plans and the desire to end the extent of discourse. The reason is not other people or external reasons, but your own thoughts. Other people may just give advice. However, you argue, criticize yourself if want to get ahead.

Actually, self-critic would be beneficial if you also appreciate the successes ever achieved."Self-critic will be bad and makes us judge ourselves negatively if done excessively. It is best to be fair to yourself," explains psychologist, Ida Diantini Viatrie, MSI from the University of Malang, East Java.

A person tends to focus on the ugliness or weakness, because they do not want to be judged ugly by others. Therefore, he will always try to find it before anyone else knew.

"The problem is, whether our efforts to overcome it realistic or even redundant? If realistic, we can certainly accept ugliness as part of the self and trying to match their best. The excessive weakness is that if we reject it vigorously, so that even looks ridiculous," he continued.

How to cope
"Believe in yourself. Thank shortcomings are, and discover the advantages and our greatness. It would be better than furiously reject ugliness or weakness," advises Diantini.

Accepting yourself as it is also included to receive the achievements, not necessarily even modestly to humble yourself. It is reasonable attitude is actually not hard to do. So, there's no point in sabotaging yourself by being a critic is too sharp and wicked against themselves.

Prevention Indonesia / Irene J. Meiske)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Indicate "Attitude" When Finding a Job - Attitude had a large portion of the valuation department of human resources (HR) when selecting employees. Although technical skills are important, but without the attitude that good companies will think twice to accept the prospective employee.

"If at Holcim, which we see attitude, because it is more important than technical skill that everyone can," said Rully Safari, HR Director of PT Holcim Indonesia Tbk, while talk show at Compass Career Fair (KKF) 2011, held at the Balai Kartini, Jakarta, Friday (04/29/2011) then.

HR sees attitude based on experience Rully divided into three terms. The first is dynamic.Are you a dynamic, and exudes the spirit? According Rully, this can be captured from his eyes. "From the eyes visible enthusiasm for work," said Rully.

A further factor is the preparation. If you are applying for a job, you should gather information about the company as much as possible. Why do you want to apply in this company, and what your target. Finally, large companies usually ask for the desired salary.

If you are classified as new graduates, Rully advised not to ask for higher salaries. Should do research first how the range of salaries with similar positions in other companies.Salary scale which you requested should still among the range of salaries in other companies. This is also true for those who have experienced. Although experienced in other companies, not necessarily someone will be suitable to work in new places.Therefore should follow the first salary range of the company.

"If you've proven to work fine, you can propose a reasonable salary increase," said Rully.

At the end of the interview, applicants will normally be given the opportunity to ask something to the interviewer. Unfortunately, many applicants who squander this opportunity. "In the interview, if the interviewer asks if you have any questions, you should ask it. Gali more information about the company," said Rully.

Rully added, in work, relationships between employees and firms have to happen both ways. Therefore, during the interview, job seekers should start with a two-way relationship is asked when are welcome.

After the work achieved, do not forget to keep your attitude. According to experience Rully, usually during the period of one month to three months, new employees are still being respectful, keep the image, but after it started its own wishes. In fact, the attitude should still be retained as your selling points in a company that has entrusted you a job.

The phenomenon of "fleas" are not recommended by Rully, because sometimes make a person become less good attitude. Fleas Rully is the term given to employees who work just so he does not idle. He did not really want to work at the company. These fleas usually move from one job to another every three to six months.

"Although fleas, you must keep the attitude to create a good reputation to get the job you want," added Rully. Reputation is important to keep your good name in any company. You may not realize when the companies that you singgahi is still the same group.

If you have been getting the job you want, attitude is important to make others comfortable working with you, so you can work with a longer period of time. The fighting spirit that you show during the interview, should be retained. Thus, when getting fed up with work, you can challenge yourself to continue to innovate and continue to be creative.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hello blogger friends.
Glad to meet again with you all.

This time I will try to share successful tips to become a netpreneur. These tips come from having a big name in the online business world is Ane Ahira, he was CEO of Asian Brain IMC.

According to him "to become a netpreneur we must":

1. The speed.

With all the acceleration of technological development, globalization,
and the Internet, the rate of change was faster than ever
envisioned. Therefore, you should be able to anticipate
and able to react quickly, but also full calculation.

2. Adapting capabilities.

The rate of change in the internet world requires
business more flexible and adaptive than ever before.
You should be able to increase knowledge and interpreting,
and rapidly respond to such changes wherever
occurrence both in technology and competition, also on
turnover patterns and buyer-market.

3. The experiment.

A netpreneur must be willing to try new ideas in the marketplace
the dibidiknya. You do not have much time or just
rely on 'market research' which is not up to date
to evaluate your actions. Experiments and
ready to move quickly to adapt to what is
necessary and desirable market to you.

4. The Constant Innovation.

Launching a product to market is only a beginning.
Encouragement of competition and the relentless demands of the market
of improvements make the focus on business innovation is very

5. Collaboration.

It is the nature of netpreneur be collaborative. You
can not work alone in the movement with speed
like this. The Internet allows you to involve many
business owners in every step. Starting from birth
a product through research, product development, packaging,
delivery, support and ongoing improvement process.

6. Be a Mover Distribution.

The real challenge of today's business world is the distribution
spread of marks and identity of products and services -.
One thing most noticeably, the Internet minimize the barriers
the distribution. For that, you have to build the brand and channel
distribution for the sustainability of business success.

7. Focus on Niche Market.

Internet to reach out and distribute business opportunities on the market
new openings. Therefore, netpreneur should focus on
market sectors are well defined-that is the niche market
or niche-market in order to achieve a dominant position or find
markets that have not or are underserved. Despite the fact,
The most exciting opportunity lies in creating
new markets.

8. Be multidisciplinary.

Companies in the new economic era as it is now creating
solutions by integrating various disciplines such as
technology, content, graphics, services and relationships. Because of this,
a successful netpreneur usually understand the various disciplines

That ability to be owned by a netpreneur in
business environment is changing rapidly.

Well this is only my best friend just had that I can convey, hopefully useful.

Regards success always.

Friday, January 28, 2011

8 Steps Start Business

Hello my friend! Apakabar today?

I have one question for you. Have you become an entrepreneur?
If the answer is not, do not you get discouraged, because where there's a will there's definitely the way.

Indeed many people say "life is difficult at this time". Amid global competition is so tight, plus the soaring costs of basic needs of an increasingly expensive, until chili did not want to miss, the price to exceed rasanya.Sampai someone say "the characteristics of the rich in Indonesia is now not have any cards keredit , and drove but the rich in Indonesia's character is someone who in his teeth there cabenya seeds.

Are we still just contemplate the situation?
Remove far away despair, do not have the thought "yes ngono ngono" keep trying for those who already own a business, and attempted to start a business do not have.

For those of you who want to start a business, I've got good tips that I learned from the tabloid nova entitled 8 steps starting business please read and glory.

8 Steps Start Business

1. Stop thinking, a time will come one's 'golden spoon' contains the idea. So find the idea of ​​entrepreneurship what, who the prospective customers, and how to run the venture.

2.Temukan what you want to sell, then offer a variety of ways and media. Currently, the trend through an online media or social networking.

3. Do not hesitate to learn! Every time you start a business, all obstacles will come. Learn from yourself, others, or books.

4. Prepare mentally steel. If the business that pioneered forced to fall so that it can stand up and try it kembali.Kecewa reasonable, but do not despair.

5. Nothing wrong with making some effort at once. In the end there will be (at least) one that works. But if it fails, must still remember, entrepreneurship is not a profession, but a carg of view. By continuing to remember it, there will be no shame if that pioneered the business failed.

6. Everyone will surely have a different answer when talking about venture capital. To note: how much money will be lost in the interweave venture.

7. When his efforts bersekala households, would be better if it made financial planning early. The first rule, separate between business finances with personal finances or household. Do not underestimate the accounting or bookkeeping so that when the business grew, the transition will not be too heavy.

8. Do not look down upon the employee. If all become entrepreneurs, who will become employees? Not necessarily those who have bernghasilan effort will be greater than the employees.

Okay buddy apparently only just this once I can be

Monday, January 17, 2011

Perlukah Anda Merubah Karir ?

Rata-rata setiap orang pernah mengalami perubahan karir didalam kehidupannya. Umumnya tiga sampai lima kali. Salah satu alasannya karena orang sering tidak menyadari dengan pilihan yang diambil. Bukan suatu jaminan bila keputusan yang telah diberitahukan mengenai karir Anda, merupakan cara terbaik untuk membantu memastikan bahwa karir pilihan Anda adalah yang paling tepat bagi Anda. Bahkan walaupun anda mengikuti seluruh langkah yang telah disarankan dan memilih karir yang tepat, tidaklah selalu merupakan pilhan terbaik bagi Anda untuk selamanya.

Berikut ini berapa alasan untuk mempertimbangkan meninggalkan pekerjaan yang sedang Anda geluti saat ini untuk karir yang baru.

Anda harus mempertimbangkan perubahan karir bila...

1. Status
Mungkin pada saat anda memulai karir , anda masih lajang sementara saat ini anda telah berkelarga.

2. Jadwal padat
Jadwal yang luar biasa padat atau frekuensi perjalanan bisnis yang tinggi yang memang merupakan bagian dari pekerjaan Anda mungkin sudah tidak sesuai lagi dengan gaya hidup Anda yang baru. Anda harus mencari pekerjaan yang "sesuai bagi keluarga"

3Tidak berkembang
Pekerjaan Anda membuat anda tidak berkembang bahkn lebih buruk, tidak seperti yang dijanjikan saat anda baru memulai pekerjaan anda. Karena perubaahan keadaan teknolgi ,ekonomi atau industri di tempat anda bekerja, kesempatan berkembang tidak lagi menjanjikan. Anda harus mencari pekerjaan yang dapat membuat Anda berkembang dan maju.

4.Hilang semangat
Anda sudah tidak memiliki semangat kerja lagi. Dulu, pada saat Anda baru memulai pekerjaan Anda, Anda bersemangat setiap kali berangkat kerja. Perasaan itu sudah tidak ada lagi . Tidak ada sesuatu yang dapat memotivasi anda. Mungkin sudah saatnya bagi Anda untuk mendapatkan pekerjaan yang dapat membuat Anda bersemangat dan termotivasi.

Baiklah rekan netter kiranya hanya ini saja dulu yang dapat saya posting, semoga ada manfaatnya.

(sumber:tabloid nova)

salam sukses selalu,

Husein Pratama